Research on Diversity and Inclusion

First National Study on LGBT Health Professionals' and Trainees' Perspectives on Academic Careers

Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians, in collaboration with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Assocation, published the first known national study exploring LGBT healthcare professionals' and trainees' perspectives on careers in academic medicine. Key findings include rates of real or perceived discrimination in the workplace, faciliators of academic careers including mentorship and LGBT-specific networking, and institutional policies that facilitate LGBT inclusion and visibility.  For the press release, click here.

Altering the Course: Black Males in Medicine

To understand the decline in black males applying and matriculating to medical school, the Association of American Medical Colleges gathered the perspectives of 11 black premedical students, physicians, researchers, and leaders. This report captures the major themes from the interviews and highlights research and data from various sources to build the narrative to understand these trends and find broad-based solutions.

Roadmap to Diversity and Educational Excellence: Key Legal and Educational Policy Foundations for Medical Schools

Released by the Association of American Medical Colleges in 2014, this second edition provides guidance on legal and policy underpinnings for developing and evaluating mission-driven, diversity-related policies and practices.

Diversity in the Physician Workforce: Facts and Figures

The 2014 edition of Diversity in the Physician Workforce: Facts & Figures marks the debut of an online interactive report providing a compendium of detailed statistical information on demographics and practice patterns of the physician workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine: A Strategic Planning Guide

This guide from the Association of American Medical Colleges, produced by a team of experts, provides a roadmap that will not only help you comply with important diversity standards, but also pave the way for developing and sustaining a climate and culture of inclusion at your institution.

Assessing Institutional Culture and Climate

This is a supplemental guide to a webcast in the Association of American Medical Colleges' Diversity 3.0 Learning Series, which was created in collaboration with experts in the field of institutional culture. The webcast, along with this guide, provides a definitive how-to manual for creating a comprehensive, inclusive organizational assessment, setting the stage for evidence-based interventions.