Iris Romero, Dean for Diversity & Inclusion

As Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, Dr. Romero is committed to creating an inclusive environment that enables members of the BSD community from all backgrounds to thrive at the University of Chicago.  Dr. Romero came to the University of Chicago as a clinical fellow in 2005 and joined the faculty in 2007.

An active clinician and translational researcher, Dr. Romero is a General Obstetrician & Gynecologist who specializes in the prevention of ovarian cancer. Her clinical practice includes individuals with a family history of gynecologic or breast cancer and patients with genetic mutations that predispose to gynecologic cancers, including BRCA mutations and others. To reduce the risk of cancer Dr. Romero works closely with her patients to integrate risk assessment, screening, and prevention.  Her NIH funded research focuses on exploiting anti-tumor and cancer preventative mechanisms of drugs that are FDA-approved for other clinical indications. Her research group in the Center for Integrative Science integrates studies of the tumor microenvironment, mouse models of ovarian cancer and prospective clinical trials. 

Informed by her experiences as a first generation college student and a Mexican-American, Dr. Romero brings to the role of Dean for Diversity and Inclusion a clear understanding of the challenges and rewards of being a scientist and clinician. Dr. Romero lives with her wife and her two daughters in Woodlawn.

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