Ethnic and Cultural Diversity


Honoring and studying diversity across the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences is a vital part of ensuring the best patient care, student experience, and work environment for all those associated with us. Adhering to University President Robert J. Zimmer's Diversity Statement, we value and cherish the multiple perspectives that comes with diversity of thought, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity. 

A fundamental commitment to diversity is crucial if we are to serve to our patient community, which is made up largely of underrepresented minorities. In order to understand our community, establish trustworthy patient-provider relationships, and build a healthier South Side, it is imperative that we place great value on the diversity of our faculty and students.

By building a diverse student, staff, and faculty community we address the health care disparities and inequalities seen nationwide level. Our research and community outreach seek to improve health care in our community. By doing so, we can continue to both understand and improve the health of underrepresented minorities.