Summer on the South Side 2017

Summer on the South Side: Creating Community with YOU in Mind

A series of programs to help you learn and think about facets of diversity and inclusion.  RSVP below.

Safe Space "Thinkshop"
At: Gordon Center for Integrative Science (GCIS)
Room: W301
On: Thursday, June 29
From: 12PM - 1:15PM
This program helps participants think about allyship and other relationships with colleagues, students, and associates who identify as LGBTQ+. We will discuss langage, culture, survey data, and how to best support those who experience LGBTQ+ identities. *Lunch Served
REEL Talk: Hold Your Breath
At: Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery (KCBD) Auditorium
Room: 1103
On: Wednesday, July 12 
From: 4:00PM - 5:30PM

Hold Your Breath examines the choices and challenges faced by a devout Afghan immigrant whose Islamic faith and traditions come into conflict when navigating the health care system.  A panel discussion will follow with special guest, Dr. Aasim Padela, Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Initiative on Islam and Medicine.

Popcorn will be served!

The Workplace Ally
At: Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery (KCBD)
Room: 1101
On: Tuesday, July 18th 
From: 5PM - 6PM
Oftentimes we think of increasing our cultural competencies as a way to work better with students and patients, but truly we must understand that our colleagues come from a host of backgrounds as well. This program walks participants through what it means to be a supportive and attentive colleague to those who hold underrepresented backgrounds in our workspaces. What are some tangible ways we can work to create atmospheres of inclusion?
Express Yourself! Gender Identity and Expression
At: Billings 
Room: A114
On: Thursday, July 27th
From: 12PM - 1PM
What does GNC mean? Trans? Agender? Transgender? Are there differences? What does my student mean when they say they use "they, them" pronouns? What is "on the binary"? Is gender identity different than gender expression? This program is geared toward those interested in better understanding gender, specifically as it relates to trans people. *Lunch Served
Implicit Bias: What we know
At: Billings
Room: A109
On: Wednesday, August 23rd
From: 8AM to 9:15AM
Implicit, unconscious, and unintentional bias is real and we all must play a role in recognizing these propensities. But what does the latest data suggest about how to combat forms of bias? Can we shift culture through our own personal reflections on bias? How can we work to be as open as possible when meeting new colleagues and students? Come to this program to find out.

Questions?  Contact Tobias Spears at -or- Karen Jackson at