In addition to the resources, initiatives, training, and support offered through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the University of Chicago features a wide range of groups, programs, and events that foster diversity. Members of the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences are welcome to participate in these offerings.

One program focused on diversity is Campus Conversations, a speaker series convened by the Diversity Leadership Council. Campus Conversations are University-wide conversations between University leaders, faculty, and staff. The goal of Campus Conversations is to give faculty and staff throughout the campus a voice in important University matters, allowing University employees to make a continued, positive contribution to the campus' climate of diversity and inclusion. 

There are several resource groups available to students, staff, and faculty in the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences. The list below provides a few examples of the resource groups formed to address interests across a wide range of cultural and social affinities. 

Past Events