A Message from Dean Polonsky

At the University of Chicago Medicine, diversity and inclusion are core values, informing all that we do. To ensure that continues to be the case now and in the future, we have created the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. Just as the University of Chicago Medicine and the Biological Sciences Division partner research with medicine to ensure the best-possible outcomes, the Initiative brings us together with the University to foster and encourage the broadest possible scope of voices and backgrounds.

The University of Chicago has always been known for its diversity of thought; we intend to make it equally known for diversity in the broadest sense. That’s because a diverse, multicultural faculty, staff, and student population—one as equally adept at tackling heath care disparities as it is at conducting basic laboratory research and clinical trials— benefits us all. A medical center like ours must aspire to the highest standards of patient care, and to achieve that, we need a faculty—and future faculty—that reflects our patient population.

Our commitment to diversity begins with University leaders, is reinforced by faculty and staff organizations and committees, and is supported by our students. Leading the way in all this is the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee. Headed by Iris Romero, MD, and Brenda Battle, RN, the committee fosters a comfortable, supportive environment for our students, clinical researchers, faculty, staff, health care professionals, service providers and, most important, our patients.

As you delve into the many facets of our Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, I hope this website proves not only informative, but inspirational.  

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