Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The purpose of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is to advise and steer the diversity initiative at the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences by creating and sustaining a culture of inclusion and collaboration, as well as by providing opportunities for the development of our faculty.

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from across the organization: 

  • Paul Anderson
  • Brenda Battle
  • Anita Blanchard
  • Dana Bradley
  • Melanie Brown
  • Halina Brukner
  • Deborah Burnet
  • Marshall Chin
  • Rena Conti
  • Scott Cook
  • Kathleen DeVries
  • Regina Dixon-Reeves
  • Martin Feder
  • Conrad Gilliam
  • Melissa Gilliam
  • Bob Hanley
  • Catherine Hennings
  • Tamara Johnson
  • Karen Kim
  • Chris Kops
  • Michael LaBarbera
  • Dana Levinson
  • Doriane Miller
  • Darrell Nabers
  • Chi-chi Nnakwe
  • Sharon O'Keefe
  • Katherine Pakieser-Reed
  • Robert Sanchez
  • John Schneider
  • Nancy Schwartz
  • Michael Simon
  • Julian Solway
  • David Song
  • Tobin Sosnick
  • Audrey Tanksley
  • Monica Vela
  • Tiffani Washington
  • Emilio Williams
  • James Williams Jr.
  • Lorna Wong
  • James Woodruff

In addition to the Diversity and Inclusion steering committee, four additional committees have been formed to work intensively on Diversity and Inclusion strategies, practices, policies, and programs. Those committees are the Medical Center Committee, Faculty Workforce Committee, Human Resources Committee, and Trainee Committee.  

Graduate Minority Committe

The Graduate Minority Committee enhances diversity in the Biological Sciences Division by increasing awareness of minority issues, securing and strengthening funding for minority programs, providing administrative support for programs, and improving recruitment strategies.

The Physician and Medical Student Professionalism Committee

The Physician and Medical Student Professionalism Committee promotes professional standards and behavior across all levels of the University of Chicago Medicine.

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Advisory Board

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Advisory Board supports the academic success of students of color at the University of Chicago and works to build an inclusive campus community by enriching students' experiences and encouraging cross-cultural dialogue on campus.