Business Diversity

Business Diversity at the Medical Center

The Business Diversity Initiative extends to the University of Chicago Medicine, where leaders work closely with the Office of Business Diversity to create and extend opportunities to certified minority- and women-owned firms.

The Department focuses its efforts in three main areas:

Professional Services: Through the annual Professional Services Symposium, launched in 2008, more than 20 minority- and women-owned firms have received contracts with such UCM departments such as Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Marketing, and Finance.

Goods and Services: UCM considers minority status when engaging local, regional, and national goods and service providers in our core medical surgical area, as well as for the additional services needed to run a major academic medical center.

Facilities, Design, and Construction: To date, UCM  has paid more than $220 million to minority firms and workers for construction, renovation, and plant projects, including nearly $100 million for the construction of the Center for Care and Discovery.

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