About the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion was created to support the diversity of identities, beliefs, and ethnicities of the faculty, students and staff affiliated with the University of Chicago Medicine, Pritzker School of Medicine, and the Biological Sciences Division. The multiplicity of voices and perspectives in our community help us to grow and to solve complex problems in a rapidly changing world.

At the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences, our three-fold mission to provide excellent patient care, medical education, and research, leads us to place diversity at the forefront of our efforts. 

  • Patient Care
    We are situated in a racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse community. Our patients can be both from our local community and from across the world. If we do not reflect our patient population, we will be poorly prepared to provide patient-centered care and reduce disparities. 
  • Medical Education
    We have the privilege of training some of the best students in the country; young people who may, ultimately, have the power to eliminate health care disparities. A diverse, multicultural faculty is needed to train tomorrow’s doctors and scientists. This faculty should be supported with the resources and opportunities necessary to excel.
  • Research
    The University is fundamentally committed to research, some of which directly involves pressing social issues of health care and disparities. By supporting diversity, we build sensitivity to, and awareness of, the world that our research is designed to benefit. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to ensuring that all those who work at our institution are valued and empowered to excel. We have a vibrant and intellectually curious medical community, which benefits greatly from a multiplicity of voices and perspectives.